Instructions for Submitting Leadership Nominations
Nominations for the leadership positions should be based on valuable service to ASE/ASEF or contributions to the field of cardiovascular ultrasound.  Candidates must also understand and support the strategic goals of the society, and broadly represent the ASE membership.  All active members are eligible for nomination for most of the open positions, including the ladder to presidency. While candidates can actively seek out support for their candidacy, candidates are not self-nominated, they must have letters of support put forward by other active ASE members.


  • Submit letter of nomination outlining candidate’s leadership skills to ASE/ASEF and provide a copy of candidate’s CV. Active members may nominate one candidate per open position. Letters should be addressed to the Nominations Committee Chair Raymond Stainback, MD, FASE, preferably on letterhead, with a signature.  Council Steering Committee position letters should be addressed to the current Steering Committee Chair. (See Guidelines for Letters).  These letters should minimally review:
    • Include your assessment of the candidate’s attributes that qualify them as a role model in the field of CV ultrasound.
    • Include your assessment of the candidate’s unique qualifications that qualify them as an exceptional candidate for the position
    • How will the candidate’s attributes foster the mission and goals of the ASE or ASEF ?
  • Solicit additional letters of support for nomination. These letters of support may be submitted separately to the Nominations Committee (send to  ASE and ASEF Board candidates may have 2-3 letters of support.  ASEF Chair and ASE Vice President candidates may have up to 5 letters of support.
  • Members can provide supporting letters for more than one candidate. If a member is writing to support more than one candidate, the letters must highlight the differences in the candidates; otherwise the letters take away the weight of the recommendations for both candidates.
  • Members of the Nominations Committee cannot write letters of nomination or support. Nominees are restricted from contacting or lobbying members of the Nominations Committee other than by asking questions about the process.


To assist in your nomination please complete the following:

  • Complete the Self-Assessment Application
  • Submit a copy of a current and accurate CV before November 30, 2023. Please include any certifications in the medical field, particularly related to echocardiography.
  • Submit a one page vision statement which includes your level of interest, expertise, areas of interest, how your time will be made available and how they would contribute to ASE or ASEF achieving its goals. This statement must be received by November 30, 2023. This will minimally include:
    • What are the candidate’s attributes that qualify them as a role model in the field of CV ultrasound?
    • What are the candidate’s unique qualifications that qualify them as an exceptional candidate for this position?
    • What is the candidate’s vision to further ASE’s strategic plan?
  • Review and submit the online ASE Conflict of Interest/Disclosure form. Candidates will be required to submit a COI form.  Please be sure to read the complete COI policy before submitting the form.
  • All nominees will be subject to a social media screening process from a third-party vendor to assure that you have abided with ASE’s ethics policy and core values before being considered.


Letters of nomination and support for all ASE/ASEF positions should be addressed to:  Nominations Committee Chair Raymond Stainback, MD, FASE

Letters for Council Steering Committee positions should be addressed to:
Kenneth Horton, ACS, RCS, FASE – Chair of the Cardiovascular Sonography Council Steering Committee
Fadi Shamoun, MD, FASE – Chair of the Circulation & Vascular Ultrasound Council Steering Committee
Paul Mayo, MD, FASE – Chair of the Critical Care Echocardiography Council Steering Committee
Craig Fleishman, MD, FASE
– Chair of the Pediatric and Congenital Heart Disease Council Steering Committee
Sheela Pai Cole, MD, FASE – Chair of the Perioperative Echocardiography Council Steering Committee

Letters should be sent electronically to Suzanne Morris at