How do I access the content for the ASCeXAM Review Course: Virtual Experience?

Registration is required to receive access to the 25th ASCeXAM Review Course: Virtual Experience. All the conference materials will be automatically loaded into your ASE Learning Hub account, and will be available any time after 10:00 AM (Eastern Time) on Monday, May 6, 2024.  You can access the content at any time after that and as often as you wish, until the content expires on August 12, 2024.  Below are the instructions to log into the ASE Learning Hub to access all the content, once it’s available:

  1. Click Here to login to your ASE Learning Hub account. Enter your username (email used to register) and password. If you forget your password, simply click “Forgot Password” under the login.
  2. Select the blue rectangular button that says “Go to your Learning Center” on the ASE Learning Hub homepage.
  3. You will see the Review Course under the Current tab. Once inside the course, go to the “Getting Started” page for helpful information about playing videos, downloading the session PDFs, and claiming CME credits.

*If you are a first time user of the ASE Learning Hub, it is recommended to login to the platform prior to course start date. If you experience any technical difficulties or have additional questions, please contact us by submitting a Help Desk ticket here 

Which web browser should I use to access my content?

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Bing are NOT recommended and may cause problems. If you are using Apple Safari browser, you will need to turn off the cross site tracking feature. Here’s how to do this:

Open Safari, then click Safari > Preferences in the menu bar. Uncheck the top option, “Prevent crosssite tracking,” and you’re done.

What is the deadline to register?

Registration will close at 11:59 PM ET on July 31, 2024. The earlier you register the longer you will have access to the content.

How long will I have access to the content provided?

Access to the content on ASE Learning Hub will expire on August 12, 2024.

What is the ASCeXAM Review Course: Virtual Experience?

This online course will be available on Monday, May 6, 2024, and will offer access to recordings and PDF slides of all scheduled presentations, including physics. ASE has specifically designed the ASCeXAM Review Course as a preparatory course for the National Board of Echocardiography, Inc.™ (NBE) ASCeXAM® examination. Lectures given will emphasize illustrative cases and as such will not be “canned talks” from other cardiovascular ultrasound courses.

This Review Course will cover all aspects of cardiovascular ultrasound essential to these examinations, including physics, valvular heart disease, strain and 3D imaging, contrast echocardiography, ischemic heart disease, congenital heart disease, and more.

The expert faculty will use case studies and lectures to help prepare attendees for the ASCeXAM® examination. The Review Course has been designed with the computer-based examination administration in mind.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be better able to:

  • Explain the essential physical principles of cardiac ultrasound.
  • Recognize common ultrasound artifacts and their genesis.
  • Estimate systolic function using standard M-mode and 2D echocardiography, as well as newer modalities such as strain imaging and 3D echocardiography.
  • Identify and quantitate valvular heart disease severity.
  • Describe the application of Doppler in the assessment of hemodynamics and diastolic function.
  • Perform clinically relevant calculations of valve areas and intracardiac pressures.
  • Explain proven techniques for interpreting stress echocardiographic examinations.
  • Differentiate features of cardiac tamponade, constrictive pericarditis, and restrictive cardiomyopathy.
  • List appropriate applications of echocardiography.
  • Recognize newer applications of echocardiography such as myocardial contrast.

What is the cost of the 2024 ASCeXAM Review Course: Virtual Experience?

ASE Member Rates

Physician – $1,075.00 USD
Fellow/Allied Health – $940.00 USD
International – $630.00 USD

Nonmember Rates

Physician – $1,275.00 USD
Fellow/Allied Health – $1,060.00 USD
International – $630.00 USD

Click here for information on how to register.

What if I want to cancel my registration?

Please view ASE’s virtual course cancellation policy here.

What are the system requirements to access ASCeXAM Review Course: Virtual Experience?

All you will need is your computer and a stable and reliable internet connection. This is essentially no different to watching a video on YouTube. If you can watch YouTube, then you will be able to stream on the website with no problems. We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Safari browser, you will need to turn off the cross site tracking feature. Here’s how to do this:  Open Safari, then click Safari > Preferences in the menu bar. Uncheck the top option, “Prevent crosssite tracking,” and you’re done.

Will there be a Live Q&A session?

Yes. The date and structure of this live component will be added soon.

This will be another opportunity to review additional board type questions, different from those found in the course. It is also a time for faculty to answer your specific questions, review course material, and dive deeper into certain subjects. These live Q&A sessions are included with your course registration, and will be included in the total CME credits awarded.

What if I am not able to participate in the Live Q&A Sessions?

The live Q&A sessions will be recorded and made available to all those registered for the virtual event.

Will I be able to claim CME and MOC for participating in this virtual experience?

Visit the CME Information page to learn more about the number of CME credits available. Please note that you will not have access to the course evaluation, to claim CME, until after the Live Q&A Session. Date TBD.

Do I need to watch the content on May 6, 2024, in order to claim CME credits?

No, you do not need to watch all the content on May 6, 2024. This is the first day content will be available on-demand, and all registered participants will be able to view the material as many times as they would like until August 12, 2024.

I purchased the Online Simulation Exam with my course registration.  How can I access this tool?

If you have purchased a copy of the Online Simulation Exam, an email with instructions to access will be sent to the same email address used to purchase. Access is valid for 18 weeks from the first time your log into the tool.

If you have already registered for the Review Course and would like to add the Simulation Exam, you may do so by clicking here and then clicking the white “Manage Registration” box in the upper right corner of the screen.

Who Should Attend the ASCeXAM Review Course: Virtual Experience?

This course is designed for physicians interested in sitting for the ASCeXAM® (Examination of Special Competence in Adult Echocardiography), as well as physicians and sonographers interested in a board review of cardiovascular ultrasound.

Is the Board Exam still taking place in July?

As of now, NBE is planning to hold the exam on July 16, 2024. For more information and updates, visit their site at EchoBoards.org.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Need help? Send us a message using this form, or call ASE at 919-861-5574 (press 2 for meetings) if you have more questions.