Take the Express Lane to ASE Guidelines

Some ASE resources require a member password for access, but not ASE guideline documents.  They are meant for sharing!  ASE guideline documents are accessed and used by the cardiac ultrasound community worldwide – members and nonmembers.  Need to find this information fast?  No need to go through your member portal.  Here are multiple ways to access the guidelines directly:

ASE guidelines webpage:  ASEcho.org/guidelines

ASE guidelines by publication date (most recently published first). New documents are added as soon as they are available:  ASEcho.org/ase-guidelines-by-publication-date

ASE guideline translations:  ASEcho.org/translations

ASE guideline documents on the JASE webpage:  OnlineJase.com (scroll down below “Issue Highlights” for most recent) or OnlineJase.com/content/aseguidelines for a complete list.

ASE guideline products:  ASEMarketPlace.com or at Amazon.com

ASE guideline apps:  ASEcho.org/apps

Bookmark these sites, visit often, and share with your colleagues … we don’t mind!

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