The Fledgling CASE Journal is Soaring

The 4th issue of CASE is now online along with a new “What is This Image?” The ten case reports’ topics include ablation complications, coronary sinus fistula, CRT and Fabry, COR triatriatum, coronary perforation, ECMO, endocarditis by 3D, intramyocardial dissecting hematoma, and ePLAR for pulmonary embolism. The lead author on the ePLAR article, “Dramatic Normalization of the Echocardiographic Pulmonary-to-Left Atrial Ratio with Thrombolysis in a Case of Life-Threatening Submassive Pulmonary Emboli,” is Isabel G. Scalia, BSc, from Heart Care Partners in Brisbane, Australia. “This was a great opportunity to be able to highlight the power of ePLAR,  a new echocardiographic surrogate for transpulmonary gradient, in a case of massive life threatening pulmonary embolus,” said Scalia. “In particular, in both diagnosis and management follow up, ePLAR was able to demonstrate the physiology of acute subtotal occlusion of transpulmonary flow. As a young clinician, CASE journal has offered me an excellent platform to showcase the potential impact of this new, clinically useful echo tool. I very much hope that this case will encourage other clinicians to consider measuring ePLAR in patients with these conditions as a non-invasive aid to diagnosis and treatment.”

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