The November JASE – Echo, Always Dynamic!

The November JASE contains, “Impact of Arterial Blood Pressure on Ultrasound Hemodynamic Assessment of Aortic Valve stenosis Severity,” by Ahmad Hayek, MD, François Derimay, MD, PhD, Lisa Green, MD, Marion Rosset, MD, Hélène Thibault, MD, PhD, Gilles Rioufol, MD, PhD, and Gérard Finet, MD, PhD. Dr. Hayek said, “Arterial blood pressure impacts aortic stenosis severity assessment. Every severity parameter is essential and must be interpreted taking into account its limits.” Additional clinical investigations in this issue focus on novel displays of three-dimensional image sets, echocardiographic parameters associated with outcomes in various diseases, right ventricular pacing and tricuspid regurgitation, and fetal and pediatric echocardiography. Other topics covered by brief research communications and letters include COVID-19 related issues, improving TEE operational efficiency, and LV global longitudinal strain.

Blue page highlights include the annual photo spread from ASE’s 2020 Virtual Scientific Sessions and the education calendar showcasing extraordinary opportunities around the world to increase your expertise in the field.

The JASE Editorial Team is excited to announce that papers in the journal will now be available to readers even sooner. Within days of a paper being accepted, it will be posted on the JASE website in the Articles in Press section as a pre-proof publication. It will have a digital object identifier (DOI), and be searchable and citeable. When the corrected proof is ready, it will take the place of this version, and then eventually be placed in a JASE issue.

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