Guidelines and Standards Committee


  • Review and edit new documents for consistency and alignment with society’s standards and values.
  • Supervise and advise taskforces and councils and external organizations that are developing guideline documents or consensus statements (Chair).
  • Commission documents that affirm ASE’s position as the authoritative resource on cardiovascular ultrasound.
  • Review existing ASE guideline documents to assess update requirements within the Living Guideline plan.
  • Suggest ways to better disseminate guidelines to members, physicians, the public and private payers (specific task related to goal 2).
  • Routinely monitor guideline working group progress to ensure timely delivery of documents (Chair).
  • Identify areas in need of standardization as well as potential leaders to direct the development of guidelines documents or consensus statements.
  • Review documents led by other societies that seek endorsement by the ASE.

Members of the committee cannot serve as lead author on any ASE writing groups during their time of committee service.

2024 – 2025 Committee Members:
David Orsinelli, MD, FASE – Chair
Piers Barker, MD, FASE – Co-Chair

Smadar Kort, MD, FASE – Critical Care Representative
Ruchira Garg, MD, FASE – Interventional Echo Representative
Andreea Dragulescu, MD, PhD, FASE – Pediatric Representative
Sharon McCartney, MD, FASE – Perioperative Representative
Kelly Boegel, ACS, RCCS, RCS, FASE – Sonographer Representative
Allison Hays, MD, FASE – Vascular Representative
Andrew Peters, MD – Rising Star Representative
Alan Pearlman, MD, FASE – Ex-Officio
Patricia Pellikka, MD, FASE – Ex-Officio
Andy Pellett, PhD, RDCS, FASE – Ex-Officio
Alina Nicoara, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Victor Farah, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Richard Stacey, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Matthew Parker, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Jacqueline Danik, MD, DrPH, FASE – Member at Large
Kenan Stern, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Shiraz Maskatia, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Theodore Kolias, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Majd Makhoul, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Gary Satou, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Daniel Saurers, RCS, RDCS, FASE – Member at Large
Sushil Luis, MD, FRACP, FACC, FASE – Member at Large
Bhaskar Arora, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Bindu Chebrolu, MD, FACC, FASE – Member at Large
Noreen Kelly, MD, MBA, FASE – Member at Large
Rita France, RDCS, RDMS, RT, FASE – Member at Large
Arunima Misra, MD, FASE, FACC – Member at Large
Paul Braum, BS, RDCS, RCS, RVT, RVS, ACS, FASE – Member at Large
Qiong Zhao, MD, PhD, FASE – Member at Large
Lise Blandino, M.S. – Staff Liaison