Membership Steering Committee


  • Review and vet strategies and activities to improve retention.
  • Develop strategies and activities to enhance growth of the society (goal specific).
  • Monitor member retention and growth trends.
  • Act as Ambassadors and actively recruit members to ASE.
  • Approve and manage member Forums- currently Women in Echo & Echo Lab Medical & Technical Directors Leadership Forum
  • Create strategies and general targets to increase membership in the following areas:
    • Medical students
    • International membership
    • Interventional cardiologist and other medical professionals focused on structural heart
    • Members who deliver healthcare services at point of care.
    • Fellows and Early Career
    • Private Practice physicians and sonographers
  • Oversee Specialty Interest Groups
    • Review and present new Specialty Interest Groups (SIG) application to Executive Committee for approval.
    • Review yearly activities and membership growth to determine ongoing status
    • Recommend transition to Council Status

2023 – 2024 Committee Members:
Kameswari Maganti, MD, FACC, FASE – Chair
Brittany Byrd, RDCS (AE,FE,PE), FASE – Co-Chair

Renee Dversdal, MD, FACP – Critical Care Representative
TBD – Interventional Echo Representative
Suzanne Poston, BS, ACS, RDCS, RVS, RCS, RCCS, CCT, FASE – Pediatric Representative
Sudhakar Subramani, MBBS, MD, MMed, FASE – Perioperative Representative
Alicia Armour, MA, ACS, RDCS, FASE – Sonographer Representative
Melissa Warren, MHSc, RVT, RVS – Vascular Representative
Priscilla Wessly, MD – Rising Star Representative
Steven Walling, BS, ACS, RCS, RDCS, FASE – Member at Large
Payam Pournazari, MD – Member at Large
Florian Rader, MD, MSc, FASE – Member at Large
Josh Zimmerman, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Paul Braum, BS, RDCS, RCS, RVT, RVS, ACS, FASE – Member at Large
Allyson Doucet, BS, RDCS (AE, PE), FASE – Member at Large
April Durham, BS, ACS, RCS, FASE – Member at Large
Jeremy Slivnick, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Lindsey Thomas, BS, RDCS (AE, PE), RVT, FASE – Member at Large
Neeraja Yedlapati, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Gary Satou, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Ruchira Garg, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Kyle Lehenbauer, MD – Member at Large
Jennifer Borowski, RDCS, FASE – Member at Large
Jon Owensby, ACS, RDCS – Member at Large
Stephanie Nay, MBA, RCCS, FASE – Member at Large
Cassandra Price, BS, RCS, RVS, FASE – Member at Large
Evin Yucel,  MD – Member at Large
Satvik Ramakrishna – Member at Large
Dennis Carpenter – Staff Liaison