Scientific Sessions Program Committee

Michael Main, MD, FASE – Chair
Keith Collins, MS, RDCS, FASE – Sonographer Co-Chair
Theodore Abraham, MD, FASE – Past Chair
Karima Addetia, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Bonita Anderson, M.APPL.SC, DMU, AMS, ACS, FASE – Sonographer Representative
David Dudzinski, MD, FASE – Local Liaison
Christina Fanola, MD, MSC – Track Co-Chair – Vascular
Allison Hays, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Kimberly Howard-Quijano, MD, MS – Track Co-Chair – Periop
Lanqi Hua, ACS, APCA, RDCS (AE/PE/FE), FASE – Local Liaison
Judy Hung, MD, FASE – President
Renuka Jain, MD, FASE, FACC – Member at Large
Madeline Jankowski, RDCS, FASE – Member at Large
Jan Kasal, MD, FASE – Point of Care Representative- Co-Chair
James Kirkpatrick, MD, FASE – Abstract Co-Chair
Jennifer Liu, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Praveen Mehrotra, MD, FACC, FASE – Member at Large
Sharon Mulvagh, MD, FASE, FRCP(C), FACC – Abstract Chair
Sheela Pai Cole, MD, FASE – Track Chair – Periop
David Parra, MD, FASE – Track Co-Chair – Peds
Samreen Raza, MD – Point of Care Representative- Chair
Fadi Shamoun, MD, FASE – Track Chair – Vascular
Shubhika Srivastava, MD, FASE Track Chair – Peds
Raymond Stainback, MD, FASE – President-Elect
Kelly Thorson, ACS, RDCS, RCCS, FASE – Member at Large
Kirsten Tolstrup, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Matt Umland, ACS, RDCS, FASE – Learning Lab
Timothy Woods, MD, FASE – Member at Large
Christina Caruso-LaFuria – Staff Liaison
Robin Wiegerink, MNPL – Staff Liaison